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Intro to YOGA

Yoga, translated from sanskrit means union—union of the physical body, mind, spirit and extended body or environment. This site focuses on hatha yoga or the physical yoga postures—asanas. Use it as a teaching tool to learn yoga postures, and for suggested posture sequences.

Yoga postures stretch, strengthen and tone the entire body.  Regular practice helps balance our body/mind and enhance health and well-being.

Looking for a yoga studio? While we do not teach yoga, contact us and we'll direct you to an excellent Stamford yoga studio. Are you considering starting a yoga practice? We believe yoga is a very beneficial form of movement. The following information should be useful.

What You Need to Know to Practice Yoga Postures or Asanas...

Wear non-restrictive clothing, practice in bare feet

Practice in a quiet environment, ideally using a padded non-skid surface

Warm up movements are recommended to lubricate the joints and gently get the body moving

NEVER force a posture.  Find your "edge" of comfortable practice.  This is the point where your body naturally opens, relaxes and becomes stronger and flexible but stops short of strain. 

The Breath...

Yogic breathing techniques or pranayama train us to control the flow of prana (life force) through the breath.  As you practice yoga postures or asanas train yourself to be very aware of your breath.

Always breathe in through the nose to speed the flow of prana through the body

Exhale through the mouth or the nose

Breathe fully and evenly allowing the breath to deepen as you practice

Smart Practice...

Yoga is gentle and beneficial for most people.  It is not for everyone.  If you have had recent surgery, are experiencing pain or are in doubt, consult your doctor

Unmedicated high blood pressure?   Be gentle, never strain.  Avoid postures where your head is lower than your heart as in half shoulder stand.  Go partway in poses such as standing angle

Stop! If you experience joint pain or other pain.

Yoga is ideally practiced under the guidance of a certified instructor.  To find a Kripalu teacher in your area, visit the Kripalu web site at www.kripalu.org.

NOTE: Infinite Potential, LLC offers the content of this site for information purposes only.  It is not liable for any injury or any problem resulting from this information.  Go to the About Us page and click on Indemnification to view our policy

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