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Learning to meditate in 1988, was an important step in my personal and spiritual growth. It quieted my mind and allowed me not only to get to sleep faster, but to sleep better. As a manager in the fast-paced world of the computer industry, I needed a way to manage the stress.

My success with meditation made me open to exploring the mind/body connection through hypnosis. One thing led to another and in 1999, I passed the National Guild of Hypnotists' certification course. Since 2001, I have been hypnotizing people for smoke cessation, weight loss, stress management, self-confidence, relationship obsession and nervousness/fear. Where appropriate, I use NLP (neurolinguistic psychology) techniques and/or the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

In 2003, I noticed that my weight reduction hypnosis clients would do nicely for a while then the excess pounds would return. So, I now offer a comprehensive program for weight reduction, including sessions on food choices, exercise, relationships, work and optionally hypnosis.

Until 2001, I was an Information Technology project manager with a news and media company. I have a BS in Mathematics from Florida State University.

Sandy Weis has given permission to use photos of her yoga postures on this site. They were taken by her husband, Allan Weis.

In peace-filled empowerment and health,

Jean Masters
Director, Infinite Potential, LLC

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